4.5/5 Stars Product Reviews

2-week Wear

Damage-Free Removal

Cuticle Care Included

Reusable up to 3 times

More Than Just Press-ons: A New Nail Ritual

Bessie offers: fast, painless removal, long-lasting Vitamin E nail glue, & nourishing post-wear care that helps your nails grow

It allows you to take off your press-on without any pain, without any tearing

fun nail art designs!

Press-ons that don't damage your natural nails

With nail nourishing glue and removal serum, we keep your nails safe and healthy

Faster, healthier, painless removal

Our acetone free, plant-based remover reduces damages to your nails, and is included in every kit.
The Viral Zero Damage Press-on Nails

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The Hype is Real: 4.9/5 star reviews