Best Press-On Nails for Spring

Best Press-On Nails for Spring

As the frost of winter melts away, it's the perfect time to refresh not just your wardrobes but also your nail game. This spring, let your nails do the talking with the latest press-ons trends.

These damage-free press-ons promise to keep your fingertips in style while strengthening your natural nails, all at a fraction of the salon cost:


1. Painting with Pastels

Bessie’s Painting with Pastels offers a flattering almond silhouette that elongates the fingers with elegance. Alternating pastel pink and sunny yellow tips, these iconic press-ons echo the bright warmth of the spring sun. This fresh take on the classic french tip is the perfect combination of contemporary and timeless styles.


2. Daisy 5

Featuring a soft, muted base with delicate daisy designs, Bessie’s Daisy 5 is perfect for anyone looking for a simple yet elevated style. They're the perfect complement to any outfit, whether you're dressing up for brunch or strolls around the park, these nails would pair seamlessly with the soft colors of typical spring fashion. 


3. Pool Party

Bessie’s Pool Party offers a modern touch that is perfectly attuned to the fresh energy of spring. The abstract, wavy design is versatile and adds a dash of artistic flair to a casual daytime outfit. These nails are a stylish choice for anyone aiming to elevate their nails with a bold yet sophisticated look. 


4. Emerald City

These deep emerald press-ons command attention with their rich, enchanting color. Fashioned into a sleek, almond shape, Bessie’s Emerald City is luxurious while adding a touch of mystery to your look. They are versatile for any occasion and are perfect for both everyday elegance and evening glamor.


5. Summer Solstice

These press-ons make a bold statement with their vibrant coral hue and a chic nude base, effortlessly balancing boldness and elegance. Bessie’s Summer Solstice is a fashion statement in and of itself. These nails will add a pop of excitement to your everyday outfit that’s both lively and refined.