Before and After: Starring Bessie's Zero Damage Press-Ons

See how switching to Bessie strengthened this customer's nails in 4 steps!*

*based on real user results

Step 1: Press - starring Vitamin E-infused glue

After prep (also incuded), place 3-4 drops of Bessie glue on your nail. Bessie's nail glue is different - it both lasts long and is infused with nutrients like Vitamin E for a healthier wear!

Step 2: Enjoy for up to 2 weeks!

With Bessie's unique glue, Bessie nails can last 10-14 days. With careful usage, they can even be reused! In addition, you can remove them anytime to swap styles!

Step 3: Fast, painless, non-damaging removal

Remove your Bessie pressies with our acetone-free, plant-based remover, exclusive to Bessie. It liquifies our Vitamin E glue while being safe for your nails and skin!

Step 4: Post-wear care, included in your set!

We've included a beeswax and rose extract-based cuticle oil in every set, for optimal nail health. We believe in natural nails first, press-ons second!

Why people are switching to Bessie:

The hype is real!

We average 4.5/5 star reviews across platforms

Here are some of our favorites:

"I've tried every press on out there and nothing compares to Bessie's. No damage to my real nails and they actually stay on without popping off 2 days later.


Verified customer

"I’m honestly so impressed with these nails. The zero damage part is for real - my nails are usually so weak after press-ons, but these left them feeling strong and healthy."


Verified Customer

"okay, so I’ve always been a salon girl but decided to try Bessie's press ons on a whim and WOW, wish I’d done it sooner. Even after removal my nails aren't brittle"


Verified Customer